Lingerie has always been real agitators!

For men, the sight alone is the epitome of the most seductive woman ever and the starting shot for hot sex.
As women, we immediately feel sexy, feminine and attractive. The soft fabrics caress our body and emphasize every single curve of the female body.
The most erotic items of clothing from the lingerie group are hold-up stockings. Paired with a red or black thong, they drive men crazy within seconds.
You could surprise your partner at home with a romantic dinner and only open the door dressed in sexy lingerie. Bet he’ll throw for dessert first?
Or how would your partner react if you are out of the house somewhere, you bend down and he can suddenly see that you are wearing super sexy suspenders but have “forgotten” to put on your panties? Surely you won’t stay there much longer. Or he’ll drag you to the bathroom quickly.
If you want something simpler or more “brave”, you can try a sexy lace body or a soft silk nails. Ideally with a strategically placed slit so that you can keep the lingerie on during sex. Men love that! So you can get down to business straight away or treat us orally first without having to deal with the annoying undressing.
Of course there is also sexy underwear for men. The clear curvature at the front tells us immediately how much the partner desires us. And the flirtatious butt also looks good on men in a thong.
If you like it a little harder or want to try something new, you can fall back on lacquer or leather lingerie. The cold varnish on the skin gives many that extra kick and you can simply slip into another role while you are wearing it. There is the right piece of clothing for every preference.
Have fun trying!